Puketi & Omahuta Forests

A treasure house for native plants and animals. See the magnificent kauri trees, watch birds and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Puketi and Omahuta are located between the Northland coasts of Hokianga Harbour in the west and the Bay of Islands on east. The Cycle Trail does not take you into these forests but there are great views from the track. If you want to visit the forests, it’s just a short drive or local tour operators will take you there.These forests form one of the largest remaining continuous areas of native forests in Northland. The forests are a treasure house for native plants and animals, including populations of kiwi, kokako, kaka and lesser short-tailed bats. The area offers a range of recreation opportunities including tramping, camping and hunting. See the magnificent kauri trees, watch birds and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Before human influence, New Zealand’s only land mammals were two species of bats. Small populations of both these species remain in Puketi and require protection.In the past, Puketi was central to the lives of Māori and early European settlers. Its plants and animals provided food, shelter and clothing. In the late 19th century and first half of last century, its huge kauri trees supported thriving timber and kauri gum industries. The forest is now protected as part of Northland Forest Park and is administered by the New Zealand government Department of Conservation (DOC).

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COVID-19 Closure

two sections of the cycle trail will be closed whilst we are in Lockdown Level 4.  They are:

  • Bottom of the 1.6km Zig-zag in Utakura through to Horeke; and
  • Eastern side of SH15 crossing (near Kaikohe Aerodrome) through to Lucas Road, Moerewa.  

Bioloo toilets across the cycle trail network will also be closed and signs will be installed at key locations across the network.

If you are out on the cycle trail please maintain social distancing of 2m, and wear a mask.