'The Sacred waves of the Hokianga'

by Tipene Wallace

Plyboard, Acrylic 1200x1200

Te Ngarunui (The Great Wave) being the beginning and the first wave of their journey.

Te Ngaruroa (The Long Wave) Being the second wave which took them across Te Moana ā Kiwa (The Pacific Ocean) and Te Moana Tāpokapoka ā Tāwhaki (The Tasman) heading towards the Hokianga harbour.

Te Ngarupaewhenua (the wave that lands upon the shore) indefinite the last wave which bring them the Hokianga harbour.

These waves are significant to Maori descent particularly the tribe of Ngapuhi, as these sacred waves played a huge part on who they are as a people today. Ancestors of Ngapuhi embarked on a journey from Hawaiki heading for Te Hokianga nui ā Kupe (The great returning place of Kupe – The Hokianga Harbour) utilizing tools and karakia (prayer).

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