'Hapanga' mural

by Rawinia Le Noel, 2021

Plyboard, Acrylic 1200x1200

‘Hapanga’ is located on the foreshore of the southern side of the Hokianga Harbour, near Motukiore where I was raised. This image is of a memory of my mum Te Aroha (in blue), her sister Myrtle and niece Anna out fishing on the Hokianga harbour at the narrows, near Hapanga. Te Aroha now 74 years would take my 3 brothers and I camping, my mum’s sister and her tamariki would usually come with us. Going out on the dinghy they would row to their favorite fishing spots bringing us ‘karati’ (small snapper) back to cook on the campfire. This was a past time that all the locals of our area could relate to.

The chevron shaped tukutuku pattern Kaokao is found in Māori tribal houses that signifies fortitude and virility. Inspired by my Māori heritage, and the environment (Te Taioa) that I grew up in, to me it is a representation of growth and movement.

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